SKF Board Cutter

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Krishna Board Cutter is manually operated and used for cutting of paper or corrugated board into sheets of required size. The paper of corrugated roll is mounted on reel stand and cut into sheets by unwinding it.

It is heavy duty castled frame, & the black platform can be provided in the required length. Front & back guides are provided. The cutting arm is well balanced to enable free cutting with the slightest pressure. The cutting blades are of knife steel & precision ground.

Technical Specification

Cutting length Table Size Back Working Front Working Floor Space Gross Wt
44″ 44″X62″ 62″ 18″ 70″X62″ 500KG
54″ 54″X62″ 62″ 18″ 85″X62″ 600KG
64″ 64″X62″ 62″ 18″ 100″X62″ 700KGS


  • Light in weight
  • Sharp cut with slight pressure
  • Flexible cutting arms
  • Easy Operation
  • Long working Life
  • Less maintenance
  • Sturdy Construction
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