Flexo Printer Slotter Combine Machine

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This machine can process printing, separate, slicing the corner, mark and groove, based on same kind of production. The printing grooving-separating units adopt the type of being electrically and separately locked tightly. Printing roller adopts 360 degree all new design for adopting phase functions. It can adjust the position of printing, slicing and grooving in length-way while revolving and this can save the time of adjustment, better the printing precision and increase production efficiency.

Technical Specification

Model Number Roller Diameter Over The Paper Width Area Of Valid Printing Whole Machine Weight Electrical Power
E2400 480mm 2250mm 1470x2100mm 6000kg 3.0kw
E2600 480mm 2450mm 1470x2300mm 6500kg 3.0kw
E2000 480mm 1850mm 1470x1700mm 7000kg 3.0kw
E2600 480mm 2450mm 1470x2300mm 7500kg 3.0kw
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