SKF Single & Double Color Flexo Paper Printing Machine

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Krishna Double Color Flexo Paper Printing Machine, is used for printing corrugated boards & kraft papers which is highly demanded for its accurate printing, short print run suitability, hand brake to release the eccentric pressure, uniform spreading and controlled transfer of ink.

It helps to print with either water based ink or solvent based ink. The ink gets dried instantly after printing and printed sheet can be used immediately for further processing. Our Double Color Flexo Printing Machine is highly durable, economical and high performing and is greatly appreciated amongst the world level buyers.

Size available: 52″X72″, 52″X82″, 62″X82″, 62″X92″, 62″X102″


  • Uniform spreading
  • Controlled flow of ink
  • Immediate drying of ink
  • Sharp printing

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