SKO 105 Eccentric Slotting Machine

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Krishna Eccentric Slotting Machine is used for slotting & corner cutting of the corrugated board simultaneously. It has comprises motorized construction finish featuring presence of 3 slotting dies and 1 corner cutting die that come fitted with racks for allowing easy and convenient movement support.

The distance between two slots, slot depth and the side gauges as well as the gap between lower knives are adjustable with gear and rack mechanism provided with the machine. Two Side gauges are provided for accurate feeding. The upper dies move in an arc so that the board is slotted in a shearing manner. The system also comes with suitable locking support so as to ensure no change in size during involved production operations

Technical Specification

Size Motor H.P. Slot Depth Max. Wt. App. (M.T.)
65” 2.0 18” 1.5
75” 2.0 18” 1.8
85” 2.0 18” 2.0
95” 3.0 18” 2.2
105” 3.0 18” 2.5
120” 5.0 18” 3.0


  • Unique gear rack mechanism
  • Arc shearing mechanism
  • Easily adjustable
  • Trouble free performance
  • High precision cutting
  • Less energy consumption
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