SKRS4 Combined Creasing, Cutting & Slotting Machine

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Krishna SKRS4 Combined Creasing, Cutting & Slotting Machine is used for cutting, creasing, slotting and corner cutting of corrugated board simultaneously. Four creasing, two side cutting, three slotting and one corner cutting heads are provided with precision grinded shafts so as to offer accurate and easy movement support of cutters and creasers.

The machine has a chain delivery arrangement, slot depth is 12 inches.Chain feeding arrangement is provided with 2 side gauges to feed the board. The creaser and slotter heads are easily adjustable to the required size. This machine is thus save big on labour. Maximum output is 60 sheets per minute.

Technical Specifications

Machine Size 1400 x 2000 1400 x 2200 1600 x 2500
Max. Board Feeding 1350 x 1950 1350 x 2150 1580 x 2450
Max. Slot Depth 350 350 2350
Width of slot 7.0 7.0 7.0
Min. Distance of Slot 150 150 150
Seed (sheets/min) 0-70 0-70 0-70
Power (k.w.) 3 3 3


  • Easily adjustable
  • Chain feeding arrangement
  • Adjustable heads
  • High Performance
  • Save big on labour
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