Our Vision

To Continue achieving the National and International recognition by providing safe, economical, durable, comfortable and environment friendly machineries and satisfying our worldwide customers through our meaningful innovation, research & Development.

Our Mission

We shall manufacture diverse range of value added paper corrugated packaging machineries which will meet international standards and surpass customers’ expectations.

  • Continuously add value added products at competitive prices by maintaining “Quality” as core element.
  • Achieve optimal Performance in Production and sale.
  • Focus on customers’ satisfaction regarding sales, spares and service. Explore new markets and enhance customer base.
  • Ensure right usage of company’s resources.
  • Create employment opportunities.

Our Values

  • Our People are our core Strength.
  • Excellence is our goal in all our endeavors.
  • Respect for all who encourages our company, to enjoy a diversity of opinion and intellectual perspective.
  • Collaborative and welcoming environment is vital to our success.
  • Research enhances our achievements and contributions to development.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation are essential to accomplish our goals.